We live in a busy, dynamic, active community and in this environment, knowledge IS power. This power right now is concentrated in the hands of a few…because the information is concentrated in the hands of a few.

When was the last time you knew you were getting the facts on both sides of an issue so you could make an informed decision?
When was the last time you felt confident heading into a voting booth?
When was the last time you felt like your specific neighborhood’s concerns were getting the attention it deserves?
When was the last time your child was publicly recognized for his or her achievements?
When was the last time you looked forward to reading the news??

It’s time for a strong, unbiased news service dedicated to YOU. We are a group of passionate journalists who will work to seek out YOUR voices.
Our mission is to empower the citizens of this great community through the spread of pure facts and unbiased information.

We will:
collect all of the information swirling around town,
verify it,
organize it,
distribute it.
It really is that simple. And will be incredibly powerful.

It's time for a news source you deserve!

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photos of Emily J. Reynolds
Emily J. Reynolds
Executive Editor
photos of Tom Joyce
Tom Joyce
Spark Sports Contributor
photos of Eamon Convey
Eamon Convey
Sports Editor/Reporter

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